Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carnival Costume

It's the Carnival season again, and for many of us "playing mas" is an annual activity. Every year we spend thousands of dollars on carnival costumes, but do we really do all that we can to ensure that we get our monies are some helpful tips to ensure that this year's Carnival experience is much more enjoyable.

* Choose a Carnival costume within your budget, it is better to save through out the year rather than take a loan to buy costumes.
* Before collecting your costumes make sure that you do a final fitting, and make adjustments if required.
* When collecting your costumes, ensure that you receive all the pieces in the package including: headpieces, ankle bands, hand bands, top and bottom pieces.
* Ensure that your costumes are properly stitched, and examine the fabric for any holes, rips or shearing. Avoid choosing costumes that are made of flimsy materials.
* It is important to keep all your receipts in the event you have a complaint or plan to seek redress after the Carnival season is over.

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