Thursday, June 4, 2009

Women costume Sexy on Halloween! Why?

Remember when you were a child, and for Halloween you would dress up in costumes similar to a cheerleader, a witch, or a cat? Well, as you got older, you were still able to dress up as those characters, just with fewer fabric and more push-up bras.

Celebrating Halloween in the 21st century for a woman means that it is the one night of the year you can walk during the streets in skimpy lingerie and as long as you have animal ears or a nurse's hat on, you can say it's just a Halloween costume.

For women, Halloween costume options are apparently endless. Halloween costume sites feature well over 700 different costume choices, all of which barely cover a person's body. Police costumes, nurse, bumblebee, sailor, school girl, and many more are options obtainable on nearly every Halloween costume website in every size.

Why is it that on one day of the year, women find it more socially satisfactory to bare their skin in a way they would frequently label badly?

In reality, many women aren't at ease enough with their bodies to sport risqué clothing on a regular basis. Because of the ease in which society labels women "sluts" or "skanks", now more than ever, females are tip-toeing around what they do, say, and where in order to avoid the harsh typecast.

However, on Halloween night it's become usual, almost expected, that women run around bars and parties, scantily clad in costumes that unclearly resemble animals or figures of authority. In the movie "Mean Girls", Lindsay Lohan's character Cady is ignorant of the "sexy Halloween costume" rule, and shows up to a party dressed in a full Zombie Bride costume, complete with unattractive fake teeth and a dress that covered most of her body. She was unsurprisingly out of place.

It's most probable that the trend of sexy Halloween costumes evolved from teenagers and young adults still deficient to celebrate Halloween, but in a more adult way. With the fame of events such as lingerie themed parties and wet t-shirt contests, it seemed only fitting that Halloween be twisted into a holiday to celebrate the near-naked female body.

It can feel empowering for a woman to wear a skimpy French Maid costume and be able to parade around self-assuredly in it. On Halloween, women aren't judged on the clothes that they wear, and are instead highly praised for accentuating their body confidently.

Halloween also allows some women to spoil in their fantasies of role-play or dressing sexy without fear of apparent strange or awkward.

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