Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Most Uninspired Ten Halloween Costumes

Seeing as it is that time of year again, I would like to create a small public announcement to every person for Halloween this year… BE CREATIVE

There are so many huge thoughts out there that you can choose from these days. You can be current and political with your costume and create a statement, or you can choose a customary tried and true costume that is sure to please everyone. All I ask of you is that you put some genuine thought and effort into it, and make it your own.

I am also going to take this time to single out that person who wears the same costume year after year. You are not fooling anybody. I see you cowering in the back of the room there, let this be your warning.

As with all of these costumes, they can be done right… but most of the time, they are done awfully wrong.

1. Ghost – Ok, If you are taking a sheet and wounding out two eye holes… you formally have the lamest costume ever. You are not Charlie Brown, use your brain a little and put some effort into your costume. Have some fun with it! Hey, possibly you can be that ghost… but be dressed as Charlie Brown underneath!

2. Hippie - A Vest and Rose colored glasses does not make a logical costume. If you have to explain what you are, then you have failed. Even if you make a decision to sew a flower pedal on the back of your jeans it does not show devotion. Now, if you were not to shower for a month and show up with enough LSD for all the party guests, then you might get a pass.

3. Hobo – This costume goes to the guy who realizes that he does not have a costume for a party that he is attending in just about thirty minutes. “Oh man, I improved think of something fast.” He then profits to rip up and old pair of jeans and jacket and roll around in the dirt pile outside. This is desperate, not creative.

4. Caveman/Cavewoman – The faux fur and giant club are not too kind to most people. This costume is typically very unfortunate for guys, as they cut the tunic too short. Word for the wise, if I can see your jimmy jangler, the costumes too short.

5. Trailer Trash / Hillbilly – Most probable if you already own all to wear this costume… well… you get the drift.

6. Jason – Yes I know that he is a typical movie villain but I am sick of people slapping on any random goalie mask and calling themselves Jason. If you are going to be Jason this year, at least carry around a machete and severed head or some diverse body part.

7. Sexy Nurse - I am going to get into problem for this one. Don’t get me wrong; I am not against seeing ludicrously hot girls getting almost naked, but this is about the principal. Taking any costume and cutting 8 inches off of everywhere and undoing seven buttons does not make it a creative one.

8. Cowboy / Cowgirl – Jeans , plaid shirt, cowboy hat…done. This certainly one of the most uninspired costumes ever. If more than half of the country dresses similar to this every day- it is not a costume.

9. Pimp – You are a middle class white kid from the Midwest… places the pimp cane down.

10. Army Guy – Just as you own a camo shirt, or a pair of camo pants, does not make you an officer of the military.

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