Friday, February 20, 2009

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you tired of the same old scary Halloween costumes? Do you want to be unique and different from all the rest this year? Then add a sexy twist to your costume! Here are some sexy Halloween costume ideas that you can try out.

Scary Can Be Sexy, Too

The classic scary Halloween costumes can be sexy in their own way. For example, a vampire can definitely catch your eye if she's wearing a skin-tight leather outfit with a little cleavage. Witches can also be seductive when wearing a mini skirt. Just show a little more skin on your usual Halloween costumes, and you will surely stand out!

Fairytales Are Not Just For Kids

Even adults can dress up in their favorite fairytale Halloween characters by giving them some added sex appeal. Some fairytale characters, such as Tinkerbell, are naturally sexy. You can go for that, or you can make your own sexy version of your chosen character. By using a little imagination, you can make a sexy version of Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks, or Snow White. A common way to do this is to make the dress as short as you possibly can. Together with this, you can wear a pair of fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Sporty Women are Definitely Hot

Appreciating sports is definitely a plus in a man's book. Go for a sexy but sporty look this year by donning your favorite team's jersey. Just open a couple of buttons on the shirt and shorten the bottom, and you're done! You can also go for the sexy cheerleader outfit. Wear a fitted top, a short skirt and shake those pom-poms!

The Sexy Working Woman

Women who are successful and established in their careers exude a certain sense of hotness. You can make this even more obvious by revealing a little more skin with your career woman outfit. Choose from the stern librarian, the seductive French maid, the desirable nurse, the tantalizing stewardess, the Army officer or the foxy businesswoman, to name just a few. Make the hemline a few inches shorter and the neckline a few inches lower for a sexier touch.

Don't Mess with Superheroes

Some of the classic superheroes we all know and love are actually very sexy women. Wonderwoman wears only a corset top and shorts. Batgirl wears a skirt that's way too short. Catwoman's tight body is outlined in her figure-hugging leather suit. These superheroes are just too hot to handle!

Other Popular Sexy Characters

Aside from those mentioned above, there are other popular characters that exude a sexy appeal. Sexy celebrities that are popular Halloween choices include Paris Hilton and Marilyn Monroe. Other sexy characters that you may want to dress up as include the classic schoolgirl, the Greek goddess, the fairy, Cleopatra, the pirate wench, the gangster moll and the Playboy bunny, among others.

Remember to spice up your outfit by choosing the right accessories - use dark eye make-up and deep red lipstick to look even more alluring, wear chokers or dangling earrings for added flair, and bring other accessories, such as fake guns, when necessary. Put on some sexy stockings for even more appeal. Most importantly, be comfortable in what you're wearing and have some fun. This Halloween, stay away from the regular scary costumes. Go for something unique by choosing one of these sexy Halloween costume ideas!

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