Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caring for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun holiday for most. Children love it because they can get candy just for dressing up and being cute. Adults love it as it is a time for parties with friends in which you can be anyone you want, if only for just one night. Though you may go through a different costumes though the years, there are time when some of them are worth saving. You may never use the Halloween costumes again as a whole, but some parts and pieces are going to come in handy at another time. Don’t just throw it in the closet when Halloween is over. Take some care so it is clean and fresh when you want it use it again.

Remember that even though you are only wearing your Halloween costumes for a short time, they are still collecting things from your body and from your environment. You sweat, but you may not think you have sweat all that much. You are also going to have a smoky smell to your Halloween costumes if you have been to a party where anyone was smoking. You may think your costumes smell okay, but they are not going to be doing so well in a year when you pull it out again.

You can take the pieces of your Halloween costumes that you can put in the washer and wash them in the gentle cycle. If you don’t think that is a good idea, you should take them to a dry cleaner. Usually, there are adornments on Halloween costumes that are going to be damaged or come off in the wash. When you use a dry cleaning service, they can take care of those for you without anything happening to them.

When storing Halloween costumes, find a good acid-free garment bag to store them in. This means they will not have that closet smell that we all know too well. If you just hang it and forget about it, you are going to have to have it cleaned all over again when you get it out the next year. Keep any accessories for your Halloween costumes in a clearly marked box so that you can find them easily again for Halloween or any other occasion when a costume would be appropriate. Even if you never wear them again, you may have children who want to play dress up, or perhaps a friend who needs something in a pinch the next year.

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