Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Joy of Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween remains a time of the year when an individual can let others see another side of their nature that they would often not let visible. The reason for this is that one could always claim "plausible denial" of one's own nature by hiding one's inner sentiment through wearing a specific Halloween costume. More than anything else, for a costume to have an impact one those who see it, the costume must be memorable. Of course, there are a number of ways that a costume has a memorable impact on those who see it. For example, tacky or offensive costumes will stick in people's minds, but not to the reason that the wearer of the costume originally intended. Needless to say, creative and interesting costumes are what the wearer should shoot for if the purpose is to be impressive. But, of all the types of costumes that are out there, what types of Halloween themed costumes would fall into the category of being the most memorable? Without a doubt, the type of costume that would turn heads the most and embed itself into the minds of anyone who sees it would be sexy Halloween costumes. The reason for this would be obvious.

A sexy costume essentially follows the theme of less equals more. In other words, a traditional Halloween costume such as a witch, a nurse, a cowboy, etc is modified by simply making the costume somewhat skimpier and more revealing. Because of this, it is not so much what is exposed that becomes sexy, it is what is hidden. There is a certain power of suggestion associated with a sensual Halloween costume and this is what drives the erotic power of the costume. Of course, there is a fine line between erotica and sensuality and raunchiness.

If the design of the costume slips into being too revealing, then is ceases to be sexy and becomes an obnoxious Halloween costume. Such a costume will definitely turn heads, but they will be turning in the opposite direction. As such, it would be wise to avoid such a classless costume and stick with the more tasteful, yet erotic model.

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