Friday, July 24, 2009

Should you wear French maid costume or school girl costume?

H for Hot and Hot for Halloween! Surely, the spirit of Halloween has changed to a considerable extent. Not only can you see a change in the way of celebration but you can also see a great deal of change in the outfits. The trend has moved from scary dressed to a totally new type of outfits, which are sexier, raunchier, and naughtier. The most popular dress codes include the French maid costume and the sexy school girl costume.

For boys, things are much the same but not for girls. It is strange but true that costumes for girls have changed from ghoulish and girlish to revealing and racy. To know what it means, just have a look inside a costume shop selling Halloween costumes. You will be amazed to see that saucy witches are more in demand as compared to scary witches.

Well, that’s a change in trend – a revolutionary change in fact. Where there were girls wearing cool dresses, now there are girls wear hot dresses. The difference in "cool" and "hot" is nothing but the size of skirt and shirt. Show more skin and you will be hot. Enough of rhetoric, but the simple thing is that Halloween is no longer the same as it was in your grandma` s time. If you want to keep up with the current trend, you need to find a right outfit for this Halloween and what could be better than a French maid costume or a sexy school girl costume.

Both these costumes are wonderful for showgirls but let's find out the better option. For French maid costume, the demand is still high. Lots of girls want to wear it on Halloween. One big reason why you must opt for this great costume is its resemblance with traditional Halloween costumes. In many of the horror movies, you can see girls wearing a French maid costume. When you use a right dress in black color with right accessories, it doesn’t only make you look sexy but also helps you to wear what you are supposed to wear on Halloween.

On the other hand, sexy school girl costume is more on the sexier side. It might not be the best choice for Halloween, especially if you think you must wear something scary and gloomy to fulfill the requirements of Halloween, but it is in demand nevertheless. Sexy school girl costume is more in fashion because a wide majority of girls now likes wearing skimpy and sexy costumes. Sexy school girl costume is just to go with the trend.

After reading these particular details you must have understood that both costumes have their own value and place. But, the choice of dress depends upon your preferences. If you just like to look sexy like everyone else, there is nothing as amazing as sexy school girl costume. But, if you want to have the best of the both worlds, you must get French girl costume as it is not only sexy but also quite close to the traditional Halloween costumes. So, it's all about choice and the choice is entirely yours!


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