Monday, July 6, 2009

Special days in the USA

Independence Day

Independence Day celebrates the birthday of the United States of America. On July 4th 1776, the 13 colonies of North America signed (podepsala) the Declaration of Independence (nezávislost). This said that they were no longer under the control of Great Britain (né pod vládou VB) and were an independent country.This famous deslaration, which marked the birth of the USA, is celebrated every year on the 4th July
The 4th of July is a time for the Red White and Blue. A time for picnics, parades and flying the flag (vlajka), which has a special importance (význam) to Americans. At night there are parties, barbecues ans concerts.


-is a holiday celebrated on October 31st . Children dress up like ghost or witches ang go ´trick or treating´ in their neighbourhood. The neighbours are expected (očekávají) to give them candy or money.Halloween costumes are traditionally those of monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Costumes are also based on themes other than traditional horror, such as those of characters from television shows, movies, and other pop culture icons.
The tradition of Hallowe´en came over with German immigrants, and other celebrations came with different groups. Irish Americans, for example, celebrate St Patrik's Day, as he is the patron saint of Ireland. In new Orleans, there is the colourful festival of Mardi Gras (masopustní úterý), with parties and carnival, which was brought over by French immigrants.


- is the fourth Thursday in November. Many people také a day off on Friday to make a four-day weekend, and they may travel long distances to visit friends and relations because Thanksgiving Day is a special family occasion.
The holiday dates back to 1621, the year after the Pilgrims (poutníci) arrived in Massachusetts, in their search for religious freedom. (hledání náboženské svobody)
After the horrible winter, in which nearly half of the Pilgrims died, they turned for help (obrátili se na pomoc) to the Native Americans, who taught (naučili) them how to plant (pěstovat) corn and other crops (obilí). The next autumn's harvest (hárvist-žně) was wonderful.
Thanksgiving dinners always include some of the foods served at the first: roast turkey (opékat krůtu) cranberry sauce (brusinkovou omáčku), potatoes, pumpkin pie (dýňový koláč). Before the meal begins, families or friends usually pause to give thanks for their good fortune (hodně štěstí) and for being together for the occasion.

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