Monday, November 17, 2008

Costume Designers Guild

A costume designer is a director's Key associated. Costume is an important tool the Director has to tell the story. Costume designers work intimately with actors and many actors find their characters in the dressing room. From the moment, a character appears on the monitor, before a word of discussion is spoken, the viewers know who they are. Great costuming is subtle - the audience is not supposed to notice the costumes but be affected by them. Modern costume, period costume and fantasy costume is created using the same creative path and process and designers recognize that each has its own challenges.Characters are integral to every movie and television production - and costume designers carry them to life. The creative collaborators: the cinematographers, the production designers and the costume designer’s work together to paint each frame of film, designing the invented universe of the script, as interpreted by the director.

Costume Design serves two equal purposes: to support the story by creating honest characters, and to provide stability within the frame of the film by providing color, texture and silhouette. Costumes and characters are always the "foreground action" because movies are about people. Costume designers are people experts, the artist anthropologists of the movies.

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