Friday, November 14, 2008

Types of fursuit

The standard fursuit is a full body costume that consists of a head, forepaws, hind paws and a body with an attached tail. In some cases, the tail is connected via a belt to the wearer and hangs out through a hole in the back of the body. A lot of suits include special padding or under suits to give the character its desired shape. Owners can expend less than one-hundred to many thousands of dollars on one fursuit, depending on complexity and materials used. Furry fans create their own using online tutorials or advice from newsgroups; the suits can also be purchased online or at conventions.

A limited suit or half-suit has all of the parts of the normal suit, with exception to the body. This allows the wearer to have different clothes over the paws, head and tail, such as another costume or street clothes. In partial suits, the tail is usually attached to a belt, and the arms and legs have sleeves that can go up as far as the shoulders and pelvis, respectively.

Most recently, a third type known as the three-quarter suit has been developed, which consists of a head, arms and pants made to look like the legs, tail and feet of a exact animal. This type of fursuit works fine for characters who only wear shirts.

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