Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Fursuits are animal costumes associated with furry fandom. They range from simple tails and ears to full costumes cooled by battery-powered fans. like to mascot suits, they allow the wearer to adopt another personality while in costume. Fursuits can be worn for personal enjoyment, effort or donations.

Fursuits are typically sold at conventions, or online by commission or public sale. Due to their delicate nature, they need special handling while washing. Fursuits are comparable to costumed characters and are similar in construction to the mascots and walk around characters used by theme parks and stage shows. The concept is also similar to cosplay, despite the latter's focus on Japanese culture.The term fursuit, believed to be coined in 1993 by Robert King, can also refer to animal mascot costumes in general, as opposed to human or inanimate object mascots. Fursuits have also been featured in visual mediums as backdrops or as part of a central theme.

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